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Communication of all sorts is absolutely essential to both the success and safety of teams throughout the Tour de France. Everyone involved in the race needs to always have a means to hear or be heard.


Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber


When you mix 198 riders, team cars, press motorcycles and support vehicles from the ASO, effective and reliable communication is crucial for both the safety and the diffusion of race information on the roads. To achieve the desired standard of communication, each team rider has their own onboard radio system while Sport Directors are always connected to “Radio Tour” to keep up with the latest and greatest notifications.

A couple of days before D-day, members of the race jury visit each team to establish a unique team radio frequency. The last thing that riders, Sport Directors and race organizers want is for transmissions to be compromised in any sense of the word.

Photo: Jered Gruber

↥ 200 GRAMS

Most of the riders carry an on-board radio when racing. With this 200gr box, they can easily reach their team cars and get information about any strategy changes or upcoming obstacles, for instance, from their Sport Directors. It allows them to be notified about the time gap when closing a breakaway chase or about any road situations such as tricky and dangerous areas where a crash could easily occur.

Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber


Another form of communication is essential to keep the tour running, and that is communication with the press. As a professional athlete, one of your obligations is to sit in front of the proverboial “world” and to talk. While this may be a tedious, and sometimes less than favorable activity, it has to be done.

Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber


Let us not forget one more tool, the mobile telephone. For the athletes, the directors and the staff, this tool allows them to keep in touch with the world, and most importantly in many cases with family and friends. Support is huge for the teams during the tour, and much of that support stems from their respective home bases.


Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber


In part two of our coverage of Stage One, we bring you the sights and sounds from the start in the UK. Enjoy.


Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber


The English countryside provided for stunning views all throughout stage one. The fans were there to provide their full support- it was certainly noticed.


Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber


The yellow craze could be seen left and right, even in the fields.


Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber


Chavanel’s first Tour de France in IAM Cycling colors. Subtle #OGEROCKS placement as well. Again, the fans were absolutley amazing yesterday.


Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber


There is still a long road ahead. The story continues tomorrow.


Photo: Jered & Ashley Gruber

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