Recover 2.0
and behind the
scenes of
the Tour de France

Rest days sound like what we everyday folk would call a weekend for the riders at the Tour de France. Of course, the exceptions are that this weekend only lasts one day, it is scheduled on a Monday and bikes are never far away. Normally, when you have a few days after a long week to get away, you try to relax, take a break and let the mind wander.

Photo: Kristof Ramon


During the first rest day, we saw Martin Elmiger getting his long, deep post ride massage from Carina Kirssi. On rest day two, we find something similar in the ORICA-GreenEDGE camp. Jens Keukeleire received a worthy one to fight away the toxins, pain and trauma in his legs. Typically, these leg massages run from foot to just above the quadriceps, following the direction of blood flow.

Photo: Kristof Ramon


Jens Keukeleire is also known by his teammates as being a well-organized guy, and when packing his luggage, he absolutely didn’t forget to bring his Playstation. This is just another way to zone out for a bit, and to let the batteries recharge.


While Jens is playing with his favorite virtual football team, the bike is still a prevalent subject for most today. Simon and Svein enjoyed a small recovery ride. Having checked out the profile for the next day’s ride, it is clear how much it means to these guys, everyone wants to be prepared. It’s nice to see how much enjoyment they get out of riding a bike. At the end of the day it is just that- riding bikes- pleasure in the simplest of forms.

Photo: Kristof Ramon


A familiar sight for all of us after a nice little Saturday morning spin. Bikes, friends, and we can oly guess, coffee.

Photo: Kristof Ramon


Mechanics spent the day checking out details and making small adjustments for some of the riders, for example Simon Gerrans testing power meters on his spare bikes. In case he has to run it the next day, he makes sure he will keep his power outputs recorded on his SRM.

Photo: Kristof Ramon

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